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To be the learning environment of choice for those seeking a transformative and life-enhancing educational experience.

To provide access to high-quality, innovative educational opportunities that integrate theory and life experience. We inspire personal, professional and academic growth and advance the well-being of our diverse local and global communities. This mission is built upon our core values.


We are a vibrant and humane learning community that embraces all forms of diversity. Our locations, schedules, curricula and technology afford students maximum flexibility. Our culture is welcoming, respectful and ethical.

Quality and Innovation
Our courses of study are delivered by outstanding scholar-practitioners in a creative and challenging environment. We promote holistic, interdisciplinary, experiential learning that balances breadth and depth. We are responsive to the changing needs of our students and society.

Transformative Growth
We are dedicated to students who want to continue their formal education, chart new professional directions and/or derive greater meaning from their lives. Our rigorous academics and whole-person orientation stimulate intellectual inquiry and inspire students to realize their potential and achieve their dreams.

We are committed to a culture that respects and values all forms of diversity and sparks creativity, collaboration and leadership.

Global World View
We respect individual and cultural differences while forging bonds of common understanding essential to our global interdependence. Our programs encourage active and sustained contributions to our society and environment.

Our degree programs prepare graduates to deliver their acquired skills and knowledge in an applied fashion, informed by multiculturalism, professionalism and service to the community.

We accomplish this result by fostering a learning community of experienced practitioner-faculty and staff who are committed to each student's individual success.

Our Institutional Outcomes (ILOs) reflect the broader mission and purpose of the institution. It is the overarching set of learning outcomes that all students, regardless of discipline, achieve by graduation. The ILOs represent a profile of our graduates at completion of their degrees and as such, also represent a promise to our students, their families and communities.

Graduates, at a level appropriate to their degree, will be able to:

Intellectual Skills
Demonstrate intellectual skills and abilities appropriate to a particular field of study.

Specialized Knowledge
Apply specialized knowledge in a particular field of study.

Ethical Practice
Apply relevant ethical principles or frameworks to help inform decision making.

Multicultural Professionalism
Effectively practice with an awareness of a multicultural and diverse community.

Community Service
Demonstrate commitment to service to the community.